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ALLTEST Male Fertility Test Kits 2 test pack

ALLTEST Male Fertility Test Kits 2 test pack

Contains everything required to complete 2 home male fertility tests. Indicates if sperm concentration is above 15 million per ml which is the WHO cut off for male fertility. By completing 2 tests at weekly intervals the accuracy of the results are increased. Excellent value for money home sperm concentration test, that is quick and easy to use and gives accurate results.
• Simple to complete.
• Easy to follow instructions.
• Takes just 5 minutes
• A positive result is shown if the sperm count is above 15 million / ml
• A negative result indicates the sperm count is below 15 million / ml
• Contains two home male fertility test kit
• 97.98% positive conformity rate in clinical studies.
• CE quality certified.
Pack contains:
2 test cassettes.
2 collection cups
Solutions for 2 tests

Sent in plain packaging. Allows a quick easy and accurate home test to be completed for male fertility.

Price: 9.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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